number trickery

While everybody is freaking out about social networks selling and leaking your data (told you so) the same way they freaked out about XKS (why would the gov want to read your email or have incentives to lie to you??), I uploaded a neat tool called number. Its similar to file for files and may be found here.

Sure, you can do everything at the Python console, but at some (EC-)point, it starts to get ugly. It goes like this:

$ ./number -x FFFFFFFF00000001000000000000000000000000FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF
hash: SHA256
ec: prime256v1 prime,
prime: Yes
match: No
bytes: 32
bits: 256
$ ./number -m AAAAIFrGNdiqOpPns+u9VXaYhrxlHQawzFOw9jvOPD4n0mBL -X
bits: 255
hex: 5AC635D8AA3A93E7B3EBBD55769886BC651D06B0CC53B0F63BCE3C3E27D2604B
bytes: 32
match: No
prime: No
ec: prime256v1 b,
hash: No

If you are sick of writing REST APIs to collect data about people and are good in crypto & reversing, feel free to reach out to the c-skills team.

Written on March 28, 2018